JBCF celebrates 10th anniversary!


JBCF is celebrating their 10th anniversary. As a reader you could think...no news update?! Is there nothing happening? However JBCF has been so busy with maintaining their restaurant and sewing centre business that the website just provided the necessary information that was needed. Please check out our projects page for the latest updates and information.

But we are happy to announce JBCF has founded two new project – the laundry services business and the aroma oil import. To continue this business JBCF needs your help! With the support of your donation we can further expand our laundry business, with the start capital we can buy additional washing machines. More equipment means we can accept more orders from our partnering hotels and spa. This can then lead to expanding our staff and helping more children in the process. So your help can support JBCF to become independent from donors and that the aroma/massage oil and laundry business will be the strong financial pillars for the organisation to “Making a Significant and Lasting Difference in the Quality of Life of Vulnerable and HIV/Aids Affected Children” in Cambodia.

JBCF has opened as new restaurant!


JBCF has opened another branch! JBCF has set up a restaurant in the neighborhood of two huge educational institutes. The restaurant is called Grilled Meat 99. The first weeks are promising, and we are looking forward to the future. As a result of the opening of this restaurant, another seven vulnerable women found work, among who are two female students from orphanages. They are able to live on their own and earn a decent living, while going to university. The restaurant only open in the evening, but as business is going well; it is the intention to also open the restaurant in the morning. Thus, the restaurant will be serving breakfast and dinner to students, employees and residents of the area.

JBCF Joined the NGO Rights of the Child


On National level JBCF became member of NGO Committee of the Right of the Child (NGOCRC). The first six months are on probation and coming Friday 25 of March, JBCF will be accepted as a permanent member. JBCF participated in one National Conference on the Right of the Child and in one workshop about the draft-law on the Rights of the Child.

JBCF is creating Awareness

As part of the awareness raising activity, JBCF decided to sponsor a football team under the name of JBCF for the National newspaper Phnom Penh Post competition. Because of the contacts of the director, it was possible to compose a team which was able to win the competition. The result was excellent and JBCF became a name in the football world in Cambodia. Several newspaper articles were devoted to the work JBCF did and JBCF hopes that this will have some continuation in future. JBCF is the first local organisation which took the challenge to sponsor a sport activity with the aim to raise awareness about the fact that HIV/Aids infected women are productive members of the society. The sponsorship existed out of the production of all football kits for the 12 teams involved in this competition.

New activities in the Sewing Centre

The focus for the one and half year was on the further development of the sewing centre. Most of the women are now well trained and contribute much to the production of the several items of the centre. It is important to find a market which will return every year in order to provide a certain flow of orders and therefore of income to the workers.
The wider the market, the more specialised sewing machines were needed, which could be purchased with the financial support from the several donors. At the moment JBCF owns nine specialised sewing machines. A contract has been signed with “Chilli Kids” in Phnom Penh for the production of high quality baby and children clothes.
Negotiations are underway with the Float Foundation to open a shop in the Netherlands with the purpose to sell products from JBCF. The Float Foundation will pay the salary of one staff member and the profits of the sale will be shared 50/50 with JBCF.
The newest development within the sewing centre is to start producing items made from re-cycled material. This production will be expanded where possible. Emphasis will lay on the production of useful items. E.g. computer bags, hand bags, etc.
The monthly family gatherings are a great success, as children interact with each other and grandparents and mothers can discuss the occurring problems.

New bikes for 2 families

May, 2009

Two children, supported by JBCF are doing very well at school. As their level in school is progressing, they both received a bike from JBCF. JBCF tries to motivate the children by giving them something to work for.

Three more persons receiving care from JBCF

May, 2009

JBCF is able to give care to three more persons, after they have asked for help at JBCF. Two fosters families are willing to open their homes and to take care of these two children and one adult. Besides providing housing, JBCF will financially support them. One girl is 23 years old and a victims of rape. As a result of the rape, she, who is also disabled, is now mothering a 9 month old child.
The other girl has been a victim of rape and domestic violence. Raped by her step-father and prostituted by her mother to earn money for the family. JBCF hopes to provide them with a loving and caring family, so they can function in the society in the future

Sewing Studio Opened

December, 2008

Last December a new project of JBCF started in Phnom Penh, a sewing studio. JCBF opened this business cooperation for the caretakers (mainly mothers and grandmothers). The main objective is to develop different sorts of clothing, such as t-shirts for sport teams, school uniforms and baby clothing.

After six months of business the sewing studio has a steady flow of orders and provides an income for seven families who are caretakers for orphans and vulnerable children. With special thanks to the foundation Watercarriers (Stichting Waterdragers) and private donations (see donors for more information.)

More information about the sewing studio can be found here.


Replacement Board of Directors

September, 2008

In September 2008 Ms. Lydia Sparrow, member of the board of directors, left Cambodia and was replaced by Ms. Nou Sam An, Education Coordinator of the Savannkomar Cambodia Organization. We would like thank Ms. Lydia Sparrow for her contribution and commitment over the past 2 years and wish her all the best in the future.

More information about the Board of Directors can be found here.