On behalf of all children, JBCF would like to thank the following sponsors for their heart warming (financial) support during the past years. Without their assistance it was not possible to provide services to these 34 children and care takers.

  • Bodhisattva Foundation, the Netherlands
  • Foundation Water Carriers, the Netherlands
  • Footy Japan
  • Lion's Club Groenlo, the Netherlands
  • Private anonymous donors
  • Mrs. Anna Austin
  • Dr. Freek van Loon
  • Martin Suhartono S.J.
  • Abraham Begerano
  • Hester van Wieringen
  • Family of Sonya
  • Kerstin Duel
  • Emma-Louise Aveling
  • Eline and Owen from the Netherlands
  • Elizabeth from the United States
  • Pieter and Stephanie from the Netherlands


We would also like to thank the photographers:

  • Kerstin Duel
  • Eline and Owen
  • Pieter and Stephanie
  • Billy Barnaart


If you would like to make a donation to JBCF please contact Mr. Billy Barnaart or make a donation via the website of Foundation Watercarriers, the partners in the Netherlands.

Any other form of help is always welcome. Feel free to contact JBCF to be informed about current necessities.


If you would like to volunteer at JBCF or one of the partner organisations, see contact for more information.